Case Study #1

With an effective and comprehensive automated products importing system from Maxico Labs, a California apparel manufacturer was able to save hundreds of hours on manual labor.


Rareform repurposes billboards into insanely durable, one-of-a-kind bags and accessories - surf bags, backpacks, wallets, duffle bags, totes, and more.

California, United States
Our Role
Ecommerce Consulting,
Shopify App Development


Each of Rareform’s products are unique and one-of-a-kind. Uploading the wide range of products into the Rareform store was a labor-intensive process. Each product had to be manually loaded into the shop interface. Manually loading each particular product not only took a lot of time, it often led to costly mistakes. Often, product descriptions and prices wouldn’t match. Visible errors such as these would confuse customers, and the mistakes harmed the company’s reputation.

So, not only was Rareform’s current system fraught with errors and was also a time-consuming process, the system meant that the company had to spend more to maintain a higher overhead. Our challenge was to design a customized system for Rareform so that they could avoid mistakes, save time, and ultimately, money.


Our experts at Maxico Labs developed a private, custom application for Rareform’s Shopify store. Our application enabled Rareform to upload their products in bulk. But as an added convenience measure and a failsafe option, the app automatically detected the product’s SKU from the image name. Then, the application would create a whole new, accurate product description for each item.

The apps have saved us countless hours and reduced human errors. Before, we would have to duplicate and swap out images every time we updated a product even though we used the same template for each product collection. Now, the apps allow us to scale up without having to add more personnel. I appreciated their ability to understand our needs and implement an appropriate solution.

Alec Avedissian, Co-Founder at Rareform


For Rareform, the results were outstanding. Our app saved Rareform’s staff hundreds of hours of manual labor. The app also provided staff with a quick and easy way to avoid potentially harmful mistakes, typos, and inaccuracies on the product description pages.

As a result, Rareform saved 100+ hours in labor costs each month. Additionally, the app provided the store with a way to enhance their online presence with more polished, professional, and clear product descriptions for better user experience.

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