Case Study #3

With our assistance, a successful sports apparel retailer was able to move critical operations to a reliable 3rd-party fulfillment center seamlessly.

Ski the East

Reclaimed wood-lined flagship store for a maker of men’s and women’s outdoor clothing and gear.

United States
Our Role
Ecommerce Consulting,
API integration


Ski the East wanted to outsource their order handling to Quiet Logistics, a 3rd-party fulfillment center. At the time, Ski the East handled order returns via Returnly. The company was unsure of how to properly outsource their order handling with a 3rd-party without disrupting the supply chain, operations with Returnly, and causing confusion with staff and also harming the customer experience.


At Maxico Labs, we developed and designed a customized, 3-way integration app for the client. Their app integrated into their eCommerce store alongside Quiet Logistics and also the Returnly API. Seamless integration meant that Ski the East was able to handle RMA requests, order fulfillment, and order returns with virtually no disruption or confusion. We designed their app so that their operations fit and worked well together as soon as we launched the new system.


Ski the East was able to successfully migrate to Quiet Logistics along with Returnly, without experiencing any interruptions to their order fulfillment. The transition was smooth and easy for staff and customers alike. We were happy to build a system for the company that met their particular needs and assuaged their anxiety regarding the transition.

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