Case Study #5

We assisted our client with utilizing Stripe Connect for splitting revenue between affiliated companies for sales from an online store.

Undisclosed Customer

Medical equipment manufacturer in France.

Our Role
Ecommerce Consulting,
Stripe API integration


Our client used an online retailer for obtaining product sales of its subsidiaries. The client wanted a solution that would give them the ability to transfer income from specific products to their subsidiaries daily automatically. Before they connected with us, the client had reached out to several well-known web development agencies. But each answer they received was a “no,” and they were told that their solution was impossible to fulfill.


Since the client was a French-based company, upon initial consultation, we realized that they could use Stripe Connect for this particular task. So, we designed and implemented a custom web-application that calculated the number of sales that each good of their subsidiaries sold. Once a day, the application would transfer the amounts from the primary account to the subsidiaries’ accounts via the Stripe Connect API .


The results enabled the client to stop distributing the profits between the subsidiaries manually. Manual distribution took up a lot of the client’s time and cut into their profit margins. Our solution enabled them to save a significant amount of money on accounting services and related expenses. What others said couldn’t be done, we managed to do for our client.

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